As I sit beside my Television watching the farmer’s protests,

Or politically can be called a riot.

My heart took a shake of sorrow and sadness,

somewhat similar to unconventional human fright.

I remember the time we were taught in schools,

Of farmers being the person who feed,

Who work day and night and cherish their fields as like a living dream.

Storms come, but never can’t they root out their credence,

The crops sway left – right besides thousands of loans and hindrances.

From a long time they’ve been facing many challenges,

Social, mental, economic and political fences.

Problems of every kind, every extent and every manner,

But they never ever showed and kept handling.

As said, there is always an extent to pounding water waves,

And when the level has been reached the water overflows.

The Farmer’s bill with lots of sceptical market changes came with a gush,

People and farmers expected better changes but it left them shush.

To put a person on the verge is one thing,

And to push him forth in it, is another.

Farmers for long have gone through this from a long time,

But, to push them down under MSP is whole another crime.

Talking and discussion should always be the primary thing while making a law or bill,

Without it it’s like, with no training and experience walking a standing hill.

Even after protests government’s insanely trying to thwap their own decisions,

The acts like this lead to bustling collisions.

I don’t want to put forth my own views or perspective I’ll let you decide,

Just recall all this up and answer is this right?


Ode to the feeders


As I sit back, a bit tensed- watching the farmers protest,

I won’t call it riot this time rather, a fight for their rights, and I feel distressed.

I see them being judged for having pizzas,

I would judge them instead, for not bothering when, they cried of hunger.

I remember the time when we were taught, of farmers at school,

The saviours, the hard working people one should, owe respect to.

They work to feed the country and they will work for everyone’s survival,

Who are you to judge or disrespect when none of us can sincerely mull?

I would not say or point anyone out there,

I would not even call someone right or wrong or fair,

All I see is the condition of a weaker society and sectors of all fields,

There’s a need for us to understand and pay the debt of the food we eat.

There’s definitely something wrong with our opinions and judgments,

Not only for the farmers , but for all the working population.

The fact is that we as citizens are treating them in the wrong way,

If we are treating them as ‘labourers’, obviously it’s not and never should be the way,

As the labourer too hold a spot of importance and are not some ‘grassy hay’.

The thing that matters is to give our voice to the life supporters,

Lend a hand and help as there will not be a day other,

I don’t want to put forth my own views or perspective I’ll let you decide,

Just recall all this up and answer is this right?


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