I got scared,

    I cried.

    I was shattered and

    I thought of attempting suicide, several times.

    But, then I stopped myself although I still had

    the thought repeatedly in my mind, yet somehow I stopped.

    Do you know why?

    Cause I had some fears?

    No way!

    I stopped because I wanted to conquer,

    I wanted to fight and overcome my weaknesses.

    I wanted to answer my enemies, who always tried to shatter me.

    I had now stood up against the wrong.

    I smile and I fight altogether I grow, now I am ready

    To fight with this world alone.

    I want the world to know,

    That their taunts don’t bother me anymore.

    I have a new soul

    I have made myself stronger,

    With some solid bricks

    Which do not shatter.

    I have learned to ignore,

    people or things that don’t even matter.

    I have stopped myself,

    Yes, I stopped myself!

    I have stopped myself not for you but, for myself,

    My parents, I’ve stopped.

    I live.

    Just think upon it for once,

    Who gave birth to you?

    Do they deserve losing you, for no reason?

    They do have a right upon your life, do not take that life away.

    Make them feel proud of you, but do not forget to live first of all, live happily and be you!

    Do not make them feel guilty.

    If you fail, You’ll also win.

    There always are, two sides of a coin and both the sides get a chance, when it’s their time, when it’s their turn.

    Maybe this time, you failed

    But, next opportunity is waiting for you.

    Grab it and whenever you think of killing yourself,

    Just stop, do not be demotivated.

    Close your eyes.

    Refresh yourself with some good twinkling memories.

    Take a step back.

    Cherish your life.

    Say, “You’re a stronger.”

    “Not just a fighter, you’re a warrior!”


    Just move back from that thought, even a single step of yours

    can cherish a million lives and if not a million then at least a single life,

    or surely your own life.

    Just as,

    I was scared,

    I cried.

    I was shattered,

    But then I stopped myself.

    Although I still had the thought repeatedly in my mind,

    yet somehow I stopped and saved my life.

    Now, its your time to stop and save a million lives more!


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