The Dilemma of Unemployment

Times have changed,

And the governments too.

Problems remain the same and sane

but, panacea none or few?

Every time the discussions are the same-

Of water, employment or anything like them.

Most of the pledges yet not completed,

the nation is suffering from

negative GDP and unemployment.

The education system,

Has been such a huge mess.

Students are passing in spite of troubles and a lack of creativity.

But, jobs after completion of this is really necessary.

The scantiness of employment

Has reached to a certain point.

The governments conserve it for the election period,

So that they have control over people’s mind.

They have no policies

For creating an employment surge.

It looks like we don’t have

freedom of opportunity as a right,

Rather we’re slaves and we have to urge.

The time has come,

To ask questions to this dictatorial democratic.

Either use your freedom of thoughts and expressions,

Or bear this interdisciplinary behaviour.

The wand is in your hands,

Use your potential, don’t retreat.

They ought to hear the youth’s voice because bolstering up

the rage and heat of the public, every single time

managing and handling them, wouldn’t be a good option for them.


BY- Sumit | Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi

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