On an ordinary day, at a school, a teacher asked a girl named Riya,

“Child what do you want to become in your life?”

She smiled and replied with so much innocence on her face, “Ma’am I want to become someone like my dad is.” The teacher smiled and said that every girl wants to become like her father but, in future what did she wanted to do, to serve this nation?

She again replied with a cute smile, “like my father does.” Teacher asked, what work does her father do?

She answered,

“Ma’am my father is a hero who devoted his life for the safety of yours, of mine and of this motherland.

He is a soldier, and I am his proud daughter.”

She continued,

“I am a daughter of the father who is a soldier,

I want to be a wife of a soldier &

I want to be a mother of a soldier.

Yes, I am a part of the army family, an army brat.

I want to become as brave as my father is.”

Teacher and her fellow mates clapped for her courage and looked amazed as how such a cute little girl has so much of devotion towards her motherland

But, none of them were still, able to understand the inner chaos of the little munchkin.

Every moment she thinks of the time, she’ll be able to celebrate her happiness with her father, when her father will sing a song for her and play with her, when he will be the entire family to celebrate festivals.

All these questions always ran in the head of Riya but no one understood it.

Then came a day, in her life, when she was the happiest girl amongst all humans in the whole universe and the day was when the lockdown began.

You’ll be shocked to know that but, she was happy on the day even though the entire world was suffering from such a bad pandemic as she thought that she will finally get time to spend with her father.

She was imagining a happy time, for a longer duration, with her father but, little did she know.

As the entire nation was in lockdown, when everyone was at their homes to fight with Covid-19, to protect themselves, the men in olive green uniform were still doing their duty and they still are.

There is no lockdown for them and all the happiness and dreams of our little Riya got shattered in a moment, when she got to know that her father will not come home because he had to protect his motherland.

Again Riya behaved like a mature one and said to her mom, no worries mom, we are brave and dad is brave too. Corona virus won’t do anything to him as he is a warrior.

Amidst this situation, one morning, the doorbell rung and Riya ran hoping that maybe her father is behind the door and will say that, “Yeah, surprise my baby girl,” and there was her father on the other side of road but not there to surprise her.

He was home finally but not to spend time with her daughter but in a saffron and green flag.

He died on border without seeing his daughter’s face but despite crying, weeping Riya stood with her mother bravely and said “Mom no worries”, Dad is always with us, and we are warriors, and we are such a strong- army family”.

Riya smiled and repeated,

“I am a daughter of a soldier, I want to be a wife of a soldier & I want to be a mother of a soldier.”

The conclusion of this is that there are a lot of hurdles that come in our way but, we have to face them like the courageous little Riya did.

Despite of all of this, she never had been complaining over small things.

We all can trying doing something for our nation and should do something for it in various ways, in which we can possibly do.

All our nature needs is, our patience, dedication, faith, courage, braveness and unity along with spreading peace and harmony.

Indian Army Day!


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