Life is like a circle,

It keeps revolving,

Happiness and sorrow are its wheels,

They balance each other.

As we are moving into a brand new year,

Let’s delete all the bad memories from our card.

Let us inhale all the positive vibes, and exhale all our woes.

Life gives us many emotions and experiences,

Lets cherish them all not just for a day but, with a motive of forever,

And enter into a new year with more smiles and energy.

It’s okay, if this year wasn’t  fortunate enough

But, we can make our future brighter and much happier than this, maybe better than this, for a while, atleast.

So, push away all the heartbreaks,

Appreciate God and your loved ones for being with you in this difficult time.

Begin the coming year with a brand new experience.

Lots of roller coaster rides are waiting for you, on the way.

Many of us are waiting for our jobs, degrees, marriages, any sort of settlements or maybe just peace.

I hope, we’ll accomplish them in the coming days,

Stay strong and confident.

“Love, hope and success is your gift for this new year.”

The ones homeless, sleeping on the street in this foggy winter, I hope we’ll see them get enough food and shelter,  some decent clothes and a home to live peacefully, and we are the ones who can do this and bring a change.


Lastly, I wish the best and wish for the best, for all of you. May this year be a healthy and a wealthy year for all of us;

Our health is our wealth.

May every dankness disappear in the bright lights of the new year.

Lets celebrate this year with our best memories, and welcome the new year hoping that the we’ll make a few more good memories to recall and remember.

Try to make your ordinary year, extraordinary with some cheese cakes or chocolaty choco lava cakes.

Pizza with some extra cheese, just as a smile with a little more laughter.

Since this year was like some thunder & lightening striking our lives, I understand it’s hard for us sustain or to thrive.

But, we all can vanish its mark with our shinning smiles and sparkling eyes.

The  year passes on every 365 days, just ensure that you spend it wisely and make it wonderful, make every second of your life worth all the pain that you suffered or are suffering from.

Stay strong and don’t give up!

Wishing you and your loved ones, A year full of joy, full of exciting moments for you to cherish.

Love, care and hugs

From your concerned friend.


A Very Happy New Year from LegalReadings and the Creative Writing Team!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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