Animals are the real companions

When you are alone and,

Trying to make contact with people but,

somehow it fails as the world is full of hypocrites

But at the next door,

Your own friend,

Your animals or pets,

The birds are there to hear you.

Those voiceless tiny friends,

Who are always there for you,

They are innocent.

“They don’t need your money,

They are hungry for your love!”

They will also give you bundles of joy.

You can totally rely on them,

Without fearing of betrayal.

They also motivate you to work hard,

They teach you the real sense of loyalty and self love.

They teach you to care for others,

They teach you a lesson for life.

Lot of things get messed-up in my mind,

Whereas they solve it without saying a single word!

Their gestures make you fall in love with them, again and again.

And I am sure I can never be betrayed this time,

As I have these sincere beings along my side,

Whom I am in love with.

They are my cushion and we love to cuddle.

They are my healer,

They heal all my pains by their cute giggles,

And make me laugh for more than hundred times.

When I feel sad,

They tie me in their arms like money tied in a tree.

All I request you all is to

Don’t hurt any animals around,

They are your real friends.

They care for you, a lot more than someone would do.

Don’t bruise any butterfly,

Don’t kill any bird,

Don’t harm any animal,

Play with them, Take of Them, Feed them,

Give them shelter and respect their space.

Make them your best friends,

Make them your coffee partner,

Also may be your date, who knows!

No one is as special as they are.

Give them freedom too,

Don’t take their life.

Sometimes try to heal their pain too,

Become their listener too,

Be always kind to them,

Everyone deserves love, and so do them.

They may be unable to express sometimes

But, they also need love and respect!

Love them,

You’ll never loose anything and

You’ll receive much love from them as well!


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