When Age Talks: Celebrating International Day of Older Persons

This is for and to the ones of the age I’ve passed,


We have no fewer emotions and drudgery blasts.


With so much tension, anxiety, societal withdraws,


It makes me think that senescence is the cause.


In the junctures of life, I guess it gets the whole impertinence,


With social, mental and of course physical fence,


Less love with more silence, there exists just wholesome loneliness,


Lots of toils and psychic breakdowns but we have no one to confess it-with.


The youngsters these days objectify us as literal trash,


The only thing that matters to them is the time till we dispense cash.


The problems we face seem to you  as an irritation teaser,


Unaware of the cycle and without seeing the near future.


Age is just a number we got to accept this truth,


This is just a phase and we’re all on the same cruise.


Be gentle with us and at times share some love,


Cause trust our little ones, going through any life trains is tough.


Despite having grudges with us, spend a little time at tea,


Go on walks, have some handsome talks as it’d not cost you fees.


In the same manner, you talk of secularism and polity,


Come on people, let’s talk on and take a ride on this journey to


Age Equality.



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