Coffee and Me: Celebrating International Coffee Day

    Coffee and me have got a whole lot of history, and

    I would never deny to prefer it over any other drink.

    In the dull evenings amidst the florid glow of autumn,

    Every sip of that rich milk coffee lightens me up and

    Then there’s a sudden flashback of  the

    sweet and beautiful moments.

    We both have had a good time together cause that dark coffee

    in lonely nights or a dark room, or on a tiring day,

    boosts me and lessens all the burden.

    Coffee and me have got a whole lot of history, and

    The aroma the air brings in reminds me of some fragrance,

    in spite of me being very much familiar with it, still I can’t 

    recognise it-every single time.

    Coffee and I share the purest bond,

    It’s there to lift me up and never lets me down.

    Not even a sip of it disappoints me by its taste

    There’s nothing close to its taste, and

    It freshens one’s state of mind.

    In the harsh winters, a cup of hot coffee

    Finds its way to my heart and consoles my soul.

    It gives me warmth, and it really helps me in growing.

    How can I forget about even a sip of-

    The cold C I need during the hot summer days,

    Every sip of which ensures to cherish my day,

    quench my thirst and soothe me from within.

    Coffee and me have a whole lot of history and

    I know there are many more memories on the way,

    which I’ll be writing down just after I’ll take

    the last sip of my cup of coffee.

    BY- Vanshikaa Saxena | PSIT CHE Kanpur

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