Celebrating National Unity Day: With LegalReadings

What did you get from this division? 

Blood, hate or love?

Obviously, a pool of bleeding bodies of your loved ones.

Hatred from the nation.

Hindu or muslim,

Caste or relegion,

All these are myth and

Spirit lies in humanity.

Universe also looks beautiful when they unite,

Like sky enlighten when the stars show their efforts of unity,

Colours look beautiful when they unite in a rainbow.


Farmers feed us,

Provide us with food without being biased about any caste, creed or religion.

A teacher teaches us without any discrimination.

So, why should we discriminate?

Life is beautiful,

We just have to see it with our pure heart,

Without any hatred.

Parents willingly sacrifice,

Not for their self obsession

But, to unite their family.

When there is love in being united, then why shatter in division and suffer pain orloose loved ones in such hatred.

To eliminate all the devils,

Conservative thinking from the society, we should bring our youth in front foot to stand together and fight for unity and brotherhood.

Festivals bring us together,

Let's celebrate all the festives together.

Without any religion barriers or any discrimination.

We are one,

We are humans,

And this religion based division is a poison.

It makes our heart void

So now, it's the time to fill this void with unity and love.

It's time for us to unite for humanity and brotherhood.

Unity is the only piece of peace for our nation.

                          BY- Simmi Bubna|Banasthali Vidyapith

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