A Startling Question: Does humanity, Still Alive in Humans?

Are we going back to the age from where we started as animals which then evolved to Human Beings?
Why am I asking this question? What is the need for it? I will tell you, but before that just think of the mentality of the people around yourself. Is their behaviour totally manly or there are some conflicts. You are so lucky if you are unable to find any flaws. Because one after the other, the cases of violence not only against human being but animals are getting reported and the count is only increasing.
You must have come to the knowledge about the case of a pregnant elephant’s death in Kerala who was fed explosives inside a pineapple. No one knows the story is true or not but there is evidence of injuries through explosives in its jaw. The pain was so excruciating that it has to go inside the water to feel better.
The same story is depicted in many other ways by different resources. Like the one where the forest officer suspected that the elephant fall prey to the explosive snare placed to get rid of wild bores by people having farms. The elephant is in talks was so hungry that she has left the forest and moved towards the city so to find some food. And after all this, in severe pain, she was wandering here and there unable to eat with its damaged mouth. No one, not a single man came to rescue her.
On 23 of May, forest officials got the news regarding its existence in the city and were found dead standing in the river on the 27 of May. I was so furious, after reading about this, that I quoted my anger by writing this piece:
” Kyun Kehte ho Insan ho Tum, Insan ki shakl me Haiwan ho Tum.
     Manvata hi nhi suhati hai tumko, to kis samman k Hakdar ho Tum.
     Nahin Hai janvaron se lagaav tumko, par Manav hokar,
       Manavata k matlab se bhi Anjan ho tum
         Insan Nhi, Shaitan ho Tum “
In a different case that has taken place just a day before the death of the elephant, a cow is fed explosives inside a ball of dough in Himachal Pradesh. She is surviving with a busted jaw with hell lot of a pain.
In the last of the month of April, we came across a similar case of a dog who was pregnant and was so brutally beaten by a rod that she collapsed on the spot itself. Even After a rescue operation of one week by doctors, dog died.
Now you must have got my point, why am I asking about humanity in humans only. No one is ready to feed them. No one is there for them to know how they feel. No one is there to show, they care to the living beings who are not able to put their pain in words. But a lot are here to mug them, to kill them, to fright them without any misdeed of them.
There’s a lot of rages knowing about the elephant’s case in-country and numerous silent exclamations with a roaring question asking “Where is humanity?”
Why only because of elephants case? Because its the one which came into light on time and because of the lockdown season, has come in the focus of many. Otherwise, it must also have been forgotten.
Whichever story it is, but the question is, in a nation which is called “Incredible India “, where heritage is always savoured in various talks, how animals are treated like this. How cracker batten snares are in practice? For a matter of fact, In the last year i.e. from 2019 to 2020, 24 elephants were killed with such or similar incidents in the God’s own Country. Yes. I mean Kerala.
The talk is not only about a single variety of animals. It’s about every stray animal like cows, dogs, cats. There are some birds too, like peacocks which fell prey to the cruelty of human being in the name of saving crops. You must be thinking how can someone kill a beautiful bird like a peacock, but don’t get shocked, people are doing it daily.
Its high time now. Its 8 June, just three days after the World Environment day and we are here talking about the ill-treatment being given to wild animals in our country who are responsible to maintain the balance in nature. By that in mind, I found an urgent need of knowing what the judicial system of India has in regard to wild animals or stray animals.
While penetrating more into the matter, I found numerous laws for these silent creatures which can help the animals as well as the animal lovers who mostly felt prey to people’s hatred.
“According to the Wildlife Protection Act,1972, making use of traps or snares, to wound or kill an animal is barbarous, and even an attempt to do so is liable to punishment. Wild elephants are a protected species under Schedule 1 of Act.
Kerala Government has permitted to shot only wild bores if they are found to be affecting crops in an area. Though, it’s a criminal offence to intentionally injure or maim any animal under Section 429 and Section 428 of the Penal Code. It also includes the intentional injury by vehicles to stray animals on streets like cows, dogs and cats.
The Indian Constitution has given a duty to the state government to protect and make proper arrangement for the wildlife and forests of the country under Article 48-A.
Also, if someone is found to feed a poisonous eatable to an animal, he/she could be charged under a section of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act of 1960 which extends throughout India except J&K. This involves a fine of Rs. 2000 or imprisonment of up to a maximum of 5 years.
For the best of your knowledge, Government has never stopped people to feed animals. Every animal lover is free to show their love as there’s no law preventing them.
There are rules for Stray dogs too. Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and rules enacted under Section 38 of the act, particularly, the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001; Indian Penal Code, sections 428 & 429 and Article 51A (g) of the Constitution, dogs are protected.
That’s about Government, A duty has been given to every citizen of the country to safeguard and maintain the environment including lakes, forests, rivers, wildlife and to have pity for living beings under Article 51-A(g).
For the people who are true to humanity, Animal Welfare of India is keen to issue ID cards for the ones who want to feed the stray animals and save them from haters and their barbarous acts.
Hunting of the wild animals is also a punishable offence under section 50(1) of the Wildlife Protection Act,1972. This includes imprisonment of 7 years or fine or both.
You see, we have a list of laws and articles in our constitution to prevent animals from ill-treating practices but still, they face so much. That is because most of the population is unaware of these and hence the brutal attackers and killers go unpunished and injustice is always served to only these silent creatures.
Let’s have a roar for the silence of animals and take in mind the laws to safeguard them, so to not get any repeated reminders of inhumanity around.
According to the Supreme Court of India too, “Right to Dignity and fair treatment, is not just for human beings but for all living beings including animals”.
Prerna Srivastava | Assistant Professor, PSIT CHE, Kanpur

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