Is Worth It in 2023? An Honest and In-depth Review

A reliable plagiarism checker is a must for creating original and unique content.  With several tools available online, how does measure up? Let’s find out.

Before understanding the tool, let’s understand the problem. Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as your own. Not only is this unethical, but in the world of content creation, it’s a severe offense that can harm your credibility and result in penalties. 

There are various types of plagiarism, from direct copying to paraphrasing without credit. Regardless of the method, the outcome is damaging.

What is is a handy online tool designed to spot instances where content might not be original. Think of it as a digital detective, scanning your work and comparing it to a vast sea of documents, ebooks, blogs, and more. 

Within moments, it can tell you if parts of your content resemble something already out there. Why’s that important? That’s because originality is of utmost importance in the field of writing and research. 

This tool helps you make it original and unique. It not only finds matches but also shows you where they’re from and how much of your work might be similar. 

Whether you’re penning an essay, publishing a blog, or submitting a research paper, acts as a trusty guard. 

Basically, it is the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to ensure your writing is truly yours. Features that Make it Worth Trying prides itself on being a fast, free, and accurate tool to detect online plagiarism. Let’s break down its features:

Depth of Search

The software scans over a billion online documents, ebooks, blogs, and even video transcripts. From research papers to assignments, this tool has you covered. The depth of its database is impressive, which means it’s not just skimming the surface web.


No need to sign up or navigate complicated interfaces. The tool is straightforward and allows up to 25,000 words per check. This word limit is generous, especially for those with longer research papers or e-books.

Accurate Results with Percentage

It doesn’t just flag potential plagiarism; it gives a percentage. This helps you understand how much of your content might be problematic.

Multiple Languages Supported

An often-overlooked feature, but essential for global content creators. Your content, regardless of language, should be unique. It supports almost 30+ languages. 

AI Content Detection

They’ve expanded their services to include paraphrasing, citation tools, and even an AI Content Detector. It’s not just about pointing out problems but providing solutions.


The plans of and their price tags are given below in the table:


Package  Words  Price
Starter  10,000 $5
Professional  100,000 $10
Agency  1 Million $100

Pros and Cons of

The pros definitely outweigh the cons here. Here is a closer look at these: 


  • Fast and User-Friendly: With just a few clicks, reviews your content and provides immediate results, saving valuable time.
  • Multilingual Support: Unlike some platforms that only support English, this tool can check content in multiple languages, widening its usability.
  • Detailed Reports: After scanning, users receive an in-depth report highlighting plagiarized content, the source, and the percentage of similarity. These reports can be downloaded, making it easier for documentation or sharing.
  • Versatile Word Limits: From short articles to extensive research papers, can handle checks for documents up to 25,000 words.
  • Free Access: Students and writers on a budget appreciate its free access, making quality plagiarism checking available to everyone.


  • Internet Requirement: To use the tool, you need a stable internet connection, which might be a constraint for some users.

Three Alternative Tools Other than


Often used in academic settings, Turnitin not only checks for plagiarized content but also provides feedback and grading tools for teachers. However, it’s not free and is primarily targeted at institutions.


A widely-known tool for website owners and content creators, Copyscape helps in identifying duplicate online content. It offers both free and premium versions.


Beyond its primary function as a grammar checker, Grammarly offers a plagiarism detection feature in its premium version. It compares texts against billions of web pages to identify potential plagiarism.

Conclusion: Is the Right Tool for You in 2023? marks itself as a strong contender in the crowded space of plagiarism detection tools. 

With a vast database, multilingual support, and a user-friendly interface, it caters to both novice writers and seasoned professionals.

The Pros largely outweigh the Cons and its affordable pricing makes it worth trying for many. 

While other notable tools, this one has a huge advantage because of its features and affordable price range. 

Therefore, stands tall among its competitors and it seems to be setting the pace in the field of digital content creation in 2023. 

For writers, students, and professionals seeking an efficient way to ensure the originality of their work, giving a spin might just be worth their while. 

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