The ongoing COVID-19 episode is an image of how delicate and erratic our lives can be in an irregular situation. The virus which has changed the manner by which the majority of us live, work or plays out our fundamental everyday capacities is proceeding to expand its grip at a disturbing rate with the effect being felt at different levels like on economic slowdown, hitch the legal system business disruption, trade hindrances, travel obstructions, public seclusion and so on. there are several other serious issues which are coming on our way and yes they cannot be neglected. One of them has been viral on social media with a hashtag Bois locker room.

Marriage: Under Muslim Law

According to Muslim law, Marriage/Nikah is a contract signifies a permanent relationship, based on mutual consent of the parties, and to undertake the followings Rights and Duties arising out of the contract.Marriage is the matrimonial relation or wedlock which permits the sexual activities between the male and the female, having an objective for the procreation of the child, family and satisfying other basic desire of human for the welfare of the society. These objectives are considered to be fundamental entities for the development of the human race.Like other religions in India, Islam is a strong advocate of marriage, the only way to indulge in sexual intercourse between a woman and a man is through marriage. It is said that there is no celibacy in Islam.