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Dr.Manvendra Singh is an academician and legal scholar. He has completed his graduation, Post Graduation, and Doctorate in Law from A.M.U.Aligarh. He is presently working as Assistant Professor (Law) at Sharda University, Greater Noida, and having experience of more than seven years. Besides teaching and research works in the field of law, Dr. Manvendra Singh has also authored several papers and chapters in national and international books and journals. We were privileged to have a discussion with him. Let’s discuss more about his journey in the conversation ahead.

Greetings Dr Manvendra Singh Sir, could you please tell us something about yourself to our readers?

Well! Aligarh Muslim University is my home. Whatever I have achieved and whatever I am is because of this remarkable University. Over a while, the relationship with the people here in the university has only become stronger and stronger. The wonderful professors, the students, seniors, and juniors are all a part of one family. I can say that I had the most wonderful time all these years here at AMU. During my under graduation, I  indulged in all sorts of extra circular activities as well. However, during and after the post-graduation most of the focus shifted towards research.

I am an academician by profession with teaching and research experience of seven years. I have completed my graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University. I have completed my Ph.D. as well as LL.M under the supervision of Prof.Zaheeruddin, Chairman Faculty of Law & Pro Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University.

Presently, I am working at Sharda University, Greater Noida before that I was part of the Jagannath Institute of Management Studies Technical Campus, School of Law Greater Noida as Asst. Professor (Law). I also worked as an Asst. Professor (Law) at Galgotias University. I have also taught in a leading CLAT Coaching Paathshala Classes to all young aspiring law students. My areas of specializations are Constitutional Law, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, and Criminal Law.

Which Areas of The Law Fascinated You the Most as A Law Student?

The answer to this question is not easy. There is no particular subject that was not fascinating but found Constitutional Law interesting as it was a vastly unexplored area with ever-evolving jurisprudence. As a law student, I was always keen to explore and comprehend the laws that students study in their courses. One has to completely understand a provision before you can break it down for a layman who could be your client or your student who is just entering the field. I can assert at this point that the most fascinating thing about law is the law itself.

Do you feel that the legal profession has significantly changed from the time when you decided to study law?

The basic nature and function of the law changed as per the dynamics in the law field. Now, the focus is shifted to clinical legal education. I was sure that I always wanted to do law. I was always fascinated by the way studying Law empowers an ordinary citizen. I have always been associated with the legal aid society from my college days as it helped to spread awareness about the basic fundamental rights to the poor, neglected section of the society, and even today as a teacher I continue to associate myself with such societies. Awareness is a must to prevent harassment and this is what inspired me.

How relevant are internships for present law students?

Yes. Extracurricular activities are very important and as a student, internships help to shape the ability to understand and reason. Internship plays a vital role at the time of placement. Not only internships but also extracurricular activities like mooting, debates, publication, and online certificate courses are very important in the present era. I was a law student who used to indulge in writing various research papers. I also participated in various debates, attended various seminars, and was always in some way or the other involved in organizing various events for our college. This all made my university days fun as well.

How did you decide to go into academics?

Academics is not a job, it’s a social service. Academics is largely collaborative and team-work oriented. An academic environment creates an extraordinary opportunity for cross-disciplinary thinking and research. You can, however, enjoy a large sense of autonomy, should you choose, with the freedom to choose when, and with whom, you collaborate. Once you interact with young minds of different countries that give you self satisfaction. 

What would be your advice to those law students who wish to go into academia but are instead forced to opt for those fields that are considered more lucrative?

As I told you earlier, academia is a social service that doesn’t make the compression with lucrative job options. If any law students want to choose any option as a career first of all he or she should clear with the goal and self-satisfaction because the ultimate goal of life is self-satisfaction. If someone is introvert and wants to join academics or advocacy as a profession I think that not a fair deal.

When Would You Say That an Academician Is Successful?

Being inquisitive is one quality that leads every research scholar to its path and when this nature is imbibed in you, nobody can stop you from getting the recognition of good academicians. An academician is only successful when he has inquisitive nature and he loves researching to its core. In today’s era when everyone is running after an easily available option, it feels great when you contribute your research to an outside world to read it and to add on to the existing frame of works.

Dr Manvendra Singh Sir, your advice to those law students who could not make it to NLU’s but want to excel in the profession?

First of all, I would advise all the young law students to focus on your strength and weakness. The existence of law as a subject before the NLU’s. It’s a misnomer concept that only NLU’s are best in the field of law. In the present era, the world is a global village students have a plethora of choices to choose the institute. Discipline, dedication, and duty are the only rule of success. Good professors may deflect the question to the larger class for purposes of discussion, but in the end, always answers the question directly, or clearly states that there is no definitive answer. To be good professor compassion, intelligence, hard work, humility, and humor are required by indulging in some sort of activity surrounded what you have learned. Be it a researches paper or a debate or a moot, but put it to use and it will be permanent. The best thing about a five-year law course is that it gives you immense opportunity to explore options by participating in the various competitions organized nationally and internationally which helps to sort out your options for the future. So make use of these opportunities. Lastly, try to maintain a subtle academic record because marks also play an important role. Books are your best friends. Reading will teach you the most, so never give up on that.

The Best Experience and Success Habit You Would Like to Share with Law Students to Encourage Them.

The most important thing for a law student is to read. Reading is the best and most constructive tool as it enhances your perspective, widens your vision, and helps you understand. A law student should always be aware of the current general scenarios. Being a law student brings a responsibility along with it which is to help society and uplift it. So also embrace the responsibility along with various perks of being a law student.

Lastly What Would Be Your Message To People Who Want To Take Up A Career In Teaching?

As mentioned earlier, the teaching profession is something based upon a systematic body of knowledge that has been derived from different spheres of life and it is influenced by society. It is an art as well as science. So to all those who are thinking to take this up as a profession should gear up for an adventurous journey because you get to meet students of all types with their individualistic learning under one roof and you get the chance to shape their learning. It is a huge responsibility but it is fun too because for a teacher also, it is a good learning experience with everyday challenges being thrown by the students. One should be strong-headed with lots of compassion and perseverance to choose teaching as a career. Well, it will never disappoint you, once you have made up your mind, its capacity will amaze you.


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