Women Rights


Women Empowerment

Empowerment is the degree of self-determination in individuals and in communities. It allows them to represent their interests in an exceedingly accountable and self-determined method, functioning on their own authority. It is a method of becoming more powerful and self-assured, especially when it comes to controlling one’s life and asserting one’s rights. Authorization as action …

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Sexual Harassment and Me too Movement

We are living in exciting times where the Internet and electronic media is playing ever more significant roles in spreading rumours and delivering news. The barrier of language, region, religion is of bleak significance today since people all over the world can connect to the rest of the world through social media and the internet. This has given rise to more significant legal aspects of regulation and control of electronic media and internet which was earlier a topic only for debates. Mee Too Movement came as a wave over the internet, allowing women to raise their voices and share their experiences surrounding sexual assault.