MRTP Act, 1969 and MRTP (Amendment) Act, 1991

India has been a country from the very beginning where competitive markets have always existed. Socialism was prevailing in the country during the reign of Indira Gandhi. Big organizations are beginning to be considered with doubt. Therefore, a number of committees were formed by the government to create a system that could regulate the accumulation …

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Role of SEBI in Indian Securities Market

In our country the primary legislation that was passed to ensure the orderly and healthy growth of the capital market with adequate protection to investors was the Capital Issues (Control) Act, 1947. The controller of Capital Issues was entrusted with the responsibility of regulation of capital related problems within the country under this act. However, …

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A Race to Bottom: Trade v Environment

Globalization has helped increase the extent of International Trade manifold, but has also simultaneously attracted significant criticism with respect to its harmful effects on the environment which has consequently led to climate change at an alarming rate. Hence, environmentalists are constantly criticising current trade trends while also stepping up demand for an increase in obligations, …

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Predatory Pricing

Predatory pricing is when the prices of goods or services are fixed at a very low rate with a prime intent to wipe away competitors from competing in the market. Predatory pricing is one of the many tactics followed by well established firms/businesses and is a clear abuse of their dominant position. Predatory pricing is …

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