Tax Statutes: Rules for Interpretation

The primary objective of statutory interpretation is to ascertain the Legislature’s intention conveyed expressly or impliedly in the language used. As stated by Salmond, “interpretation or construction is meant, the courts seek to determine the meaning of the Legislature through the medium of authoritative forms in which it is to be expressed.”

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Tax Structure And Its Economic Implications In India

The Indian economy has experienced a decrease of 18.3% in the economic growth in the second quarter of 2020, the outcome of which was a net growth of just 23.9%. In addition, the fact retains the ranking of India due to pandemic. India is recorded to be the third-worst affected country due to the pandemic by the outbreak of COVID-19.[1] The outbreak of the virus has adversely affected the economy of India, where the businesses were shut and natives didn’t have much of a source for generating income, not only this, the individuals spent a large portion of their savings to survive the period of lockdown and even now, when the lockdown is lifted. The money flow in the economy has come to a stagnant position.

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