Special Marriage Act



The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has been a source of debate for the commoners as well as our politicians, regarding whether or not our nation should adopt a common Civil Code instead of attempting to reform our existing personal laws. Nationalists have traditionally been in favour of implementing a Common Civil Code, however, some of …


Breach of Privacy vis-à-vis Special Marriage Act

The Special Marriage Act provides for a special type of marriage, registration and divorce. Marriage between any two persons who serve in any religion or denomination may be solemnized under this Act. As a state law, playing a key role in liberating people from the traditional requirements of marriage, the court ruled that international marriage …

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Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage: A Necessity

LGBTIQ represents persons who identify themselves as Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgenders, Intersexuals and Queers. These are the people who do not fall in the category of male and female, some biologically and some in terms of their sexual orientation. After the historic judgement that decriminalised consensual sexual interaction between homosexuals, the question that arises is that after a long battle for sexual freedom, what will be the next step towards the complete exercise of civil rights. Civil rights and fundamental rights include rights like the right to choose one’s own partner and the right to marriage.