Sources of International Law

“International law grants rights to all human beings, not only to citizens” – Kofi Annan, former secretary of United Nations.  This implies that all human beings have the right to be treated with dignity and respect by virtue of them being humans. The dignity and respect are conferred to people through the enjoyment of all …

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Sources of Islamic Law

INTRODUCTION If a  rather reductionist synoptic may be allowed, Islam may perhaps be the comparison between the three Abrahamic sects, placed halfway between what might be considered legalistic Judaism and theological Christianity.[1] That’s because it’s almost unquestioned in modern Islam that it is only lawful to determine the will of God expressed in the Quran …

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Sources Of Indian Constitution

The Constituent Assembly took help from various sources to draft the Indian Constitution. They studied the Constitution of various countries and took the important parts of their Constitution and added them in Indian Constitution like the concept of Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, the Preamble etc. At that time, there were 395 Articles and 8 schedules. The head of the drafting committee was Dr. B.R Ambedkar.

Analysis of Sources of Law In India

The study of Sources of Law is the study of various phases of its development that gave it new drive and vigor and enabled it to verify the dynamical wants. Law is not static, since society is constantly evolving, legal guidelines also are changed to keep pace with the necessities of society. There are as many interpretations of the expression ‘Sources of Law’ as there are schools and theories regarding the concept of Law