Private Defence- Protection Against Body Or Property

Every citizen has the right to help himself, and the right of private defense must encourage the citizens of every free, democratic country. We have to understand one thing that the right to personal security is not applicable when there is time to have a source to get any public authority protection. Sections 96 – 106 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 deals with the right to private defense. Under these sections, the provision mentions that the person can use all his necessary forces to protect their life, property, or even another person’s life or property.

What Is Insider Trading and How does SEBI Deals with It?

Insider trading includes trading in a public company by someone who has confidential, price sensitive information, and who uses and deals with such information. Insider trading can either be illegal or legal depending on the knowledge, based on which the individual is trading. According to section 2(h)(ha) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992[i] ‘price sensitive information’ means any information relating to present, future or even past, that has the potential to affect the prices of securities and value of the company.

TW : ⚠️Self-harm Depression

There’s no point in explaining myself,
to the people who are close to me.
As it makes no sense in reality cause,
not every time I have that somebody.
I’ve to expect not much,
That is something I’ve been told by everyone
but, is that something under my control?
They didn’t bother to tell me that.

Adoption under Hindu Law

It’s not rocket science to predict that our country’s future lies on our young ones’ shoulders, and the government takes adequate measures to maintain their safety. In doing so, government and judicial authorities focus on the adoption laws of children. It’s unfortunate to see that on one side, we have children who get all the necessities, their guardians adequately feed them, they are provided with every amenities, starting from clothes to education. Moreover, they are loved.

Prevention of Child Labor

Child labor is something that is distinguished from normal labor. Child labor refers to a practice whereby a child, under the legal age for working, i.e. 14 years, is made to do work that is physically or mentally harmful for them in such age. Universally, the age for considering a person a child is 18 years of age. Child labor occurs in almost every industry, for example, brick making, bangle making, agriculture, and various hazardous work.

Analysis of Sources of Law In India

The study of Sources of Law is the study of various phases of its development that gave it new drive and vigor and enabled it to verify the dynamical wants. Law is not static, since society is constantly evolving, legal guidelines also are changed to keep pace with the necessities of society. There are as many interpretations of the expression ‘Sources of Law’ as there are schools and theories regarding the concept of Law

Marijuana – Should It Be Legalised In India

Marijuana, also known as ‘Vijaya’, is termed to be one of the five sacred plants existing on earth and yet it is not legal in India. Marijuana is a form of drug which is made from the leaves and flowers of cannabis which produces the feeling of being relaxed when consumed either by smoking or eating. However, why is marijuana not legal in India? And even after that, why do we consume it on the joyous occasions of Holi (bhang) and Maha Shivratri (thandai)?

The Dilemma of Unemployment

Times have changed,
And the governments too.
Problems remain the same and sane
but, panacea none or few?

Every time the discussions are the same-
Of water, employment or anything like them.
Most of the pledges yet not completed,
the nation is suffering from

All You Need To Know About Defamation

The term ‘Defamation’ can be well understood with a proverb ‘think before you speak’. Any statement made against the other party, which tends to lower his status among the right-minded people can get you two years of jail term! In the case of Nambi Narayan v. Silbi Mathews[1], the Supreme Court held that the reputation of an individual is an insegregable part of his right to live with dignity.

Media Trials

Though there is no specific definition in any law, ‘trial by media’ may be defined as adjudication by the media, of cases, either before, during, or after the verdict of the court. Media is also called the fourth pillar of democracy and plays a vital role in molding the opinion of the public.