The Need for Regulation of the OTT Industry in India

The pandemic has brought in some harsh repercussions ranging from fiscal crises, complex mental health problems to uncalculated deaths. The worst of all was the unexpected lockdown which one was compelled to adhere to in the interest of those around us and one’s own health. Thus, being confined to one’s house, one resorted to modes …

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Social Media and Privacy: Data Protection Law, Need of the Hour?

“We’re training and conditioning a whole new generation of people that when we are uncomfortable or lonely or uncertain or afraid, we have a digital pacifier for ourselves that is kind of atrophying our own ability to deal with that.” — Tristan Harris, Co-founder Centre for Humane Technologies and former design ethicist at Google Inc. …

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Biometric Data Law And Privacy Concerns

Biometric authentication is widely used today in various fields for verification of identity and its use has heightened to an unimaginable extent. Though the identification process of biometric security systems provides accuracy, it also acquires sensitive data that is vulnerable and can be misused. The usage of biometric data is not new but the uses have broadened over the years. Police have been using biometric data like fingerprinting, DNA tests, etc., for decades now. What is new is the usage of fingerprint to unlock gadgets, using the same for workplace management to keep a track of workers’ time log, etc,. Biometric Databases come along with disadvantages that are in par with its advantages. Biometric information which is categorised as personal information has to be protected and stringent regulations are required for the same as databases can be hacked and sensitive data can be mishandled. This is a significant issue as it is related to privacy, consent and other areas of importance.

Informational Privacy And Non-State Actors

The right to informational privacy, as a concept, is a branch or extension of the right to privacy. The Concept has been taken in different ways in different situations. According to Warren and Brandeis “once a civilization has made a distinction between the life of the soul and the life of the body, the idea of a sphere in which men may become and remain himself.”