Labor Law: Social Security

Meaning Social Security as a concept has become increasingly important in modern society especially as countries across the globe attempt to move closer to becoming states. The provision for social security is an important building block for any welfare state, it establishes a baseline which builds infrastructure for a safety net while economies undergo large …

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Beneficial or not: Labour Welfare Acts & Schemes

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” The main motive behind labour welfare schemes is to maintain a work-life balance. These schemes will motivate employees to yield fruitful results. In India, labour welfare schemes are developed due to the industrial revolution with the involvement of Philanthropists, religious leaders, social …

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Land reforms in India

Land – a part of earth which is not covered by water. “Land” is said to be the most important feature of nature. Human population uses land for productivity, source of food and a place to live and to do their work. ” Land reforms ” refers to the efforts to reform the ownership of …

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Prevention of Child Labor

Child labor is something that is distinguished from normal labor. Child labor refers to a practice whereby a child, under the legal age for working, i.e. 14 years, is made to do work that is physically or mentally harmful for them in such age. Universally, the age for considering a person a child is 18 years of age. Child labor occurs in almost every industry, for example, brick making, bangle making, agriculture, and various hazardous work.