International Law


Sources of International Law

“International law grants rights to all human beings, not only to citizens” – Kofi Annan, former secretary of United Nations.  This implies that all human beings have the right to be treated with dignity and respect by virtue of them being humans. The dignity and respect are conferred to people through the enjoyment of all …

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Rights Of Refugees In India

There has been a great deal of romanticization within national policy circles of the fundamental right to life and personal liberty which is a guaranteed fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and its subsequent extension towards the safety and protection of refugees, with an increase in public perception of the same, notwithstanding the repudiating complexities of national security.

Subjects of International Law

To understand the concept of subjects of international law, we first have to understand what international law is. The term ‘subject of international law’ means the entities that have legal personality are capable of doing duties, capable of having certain rights in the international legal system. The expressions “International Law”  and “the Law of Nations” …

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Law of The Sea

Earth has oceans that cover upto 72% of its surface. The understanding of the value of oceans is lesser-known to mankind. We all have been aware of the drastic changes taking place in our environment, the pollution gnawing at the very thing that is important for our survival. Not only the mere trade, economic activities carried about in these oceans are being subject to risk but also the conservation of the marine living resources is being difficult.