Right Against Exploitation: Article 23 & 24

Before India got independence, our Indian society mollycoddled the caste system and entertained evil social practice, the significance of which is still somehow fresh in independent India. People abhor lower caste people, tender them to be unmerited people and fit for no work, the only work they can do is either as a labourer or a slave of someone. they do not get any chance of better employment to represent them in a proper platform to enhance the obscure status of their caste. Results of this pretentious noble people exploit them for their misdeeds and for-profit, in modern days traffic of humans especially of women and children showed to be the reclining reason for exploitation in the form of prostitution, bonded labour & begar. Although the need to maintain balance in society was observed by the Constitutional framers prematurely, made a solution according to the prevailing condition of social order. To avoid evil practices and to secure the dignity of life and the happy living of every citizen, incorporation of Article 23& 24 makes better annotation.

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