Contempt of Court by Judges

Contempt of Court by Judges

Contempt of the Court is an offence of disobeying or disrespecting a court of law and its officials in a manner that is contrary to or violates the justice, dignity of the court and authority. Anything that reduces or interferes with the freedom of the judiciary should cause a breach of the administration of the …

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Reforms for Hate Speech Laws in India

In an ideal democratic form of governance, differences in opinion are always respected, and critics and contradicting views keep the dynamic culture rolling. Democracy flourishes when public dissent is allowed to be shared, and all different voices are brought to a standard minimum acceptable point. For the last seventy-five years, India has proven to be …

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Media Trials

Though there is no specific definition in any law, ‘trial by media’ may be defined as adjudication by the media, of cases, either before, during, or after the verdict of the court. Media is also called the fourth pillar of democracy and plays a vital role in molding the opinion of the public.


“I do not ask for mercy. I do not appeal to magnanimity. I cheerfully submit to any punishment that the court may impose,” a quote paraphrased from the sayings of Mahatma Gandhi, stated by Advocate Prashant Bhushan. The matter revolves around “Scandalizing the Court” or The Contempt of Court which relates to an offence that shows disrespect to the dignity or authority of the court in a certain way.