Freedom of Press: A Guaranteed Right?

The Constitution of India, under Article 19(1)(a), provides for the right of freedom of speech and expression to every citizen of India. Freedom of speech and expression connotes the citizens’ right to speak and to freely express their views without any unreasonable restrictions. In this article, we will study the freedom of the press which comes under the ambit of freedom of speech and expression.

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Offensiveness in Obscenity and the Legal Provisions

Depiction of obscene materials and Pornography is considered as the forbidden subject in the social fabric of India. It cannot be denied that obscenity is against decency and Morality. Generally, it can be seen by advertising materials in which the women are used by showing their different body parts. Nudity is exhibited on the internet in the form of videos and pictures.

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Independence of Judiciary

This system can be called the ‘Horizontal Power-Sharing Model’. It is followed mainly to reduce the possibility of concentration of powers in any one organ, making it powerful. Through this system of division of power, the Constitution has endowed the system with checks and balances where one organ cannot infringe upon the areas others are dealing with.

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