Sexual Harassment and Me too Movement

We are living in exciting times where the Internet and electronic media is playing ever more significant roles in spreading rumours and delivering news. The barrier of language, region, religion is of bleak significance today since people all over the world can connect to the rest of the world through social media and the internet. This has given rise to more significant legal aspects of regulation and control of electronic media and internet which was earlier a topic only for debates. Mee Too Movement came as a wave over the internet, allowing women to raise their voices and share their experiences surrounding sexual assault.

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Rights Of Refugees In India

There has been a great deal of romanticization within national policy circles of the fundamental right to life and personal liberty which is a guaranteed fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and its subsequent extension towards the safety and protection of refugees, with an increase in public perception of the same, notwithstanding the repudiating complexities of national security.

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Arrest And Rights Of An Arrested Person

The expression “arrest” means the detainment of any person by lawful authorities. After the arrest, the liberty of the accused is in the dominance of the arrester. Under the law of crimes, an arrest is an essential tool to present the accused to be taken before the court and to prevent absconding. According to the Farlex Legal Dictionary, “arrest” is defined as “a seizure or forcible restraint; an exercise of the power to deprive a person of his or her liberty; the taking or keeping of a person in custody by legal authority, especially, in response to a criminal charge.”

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Prevention of Child Labor

Child labor is something that is distinguished from normal labor. Child labor refers to a practice whereby a child, under the legal age for working, i.e. 14 years, is made to do work that is physically or mentally harmful for them in such age. Universally, the age for considering a person a child is 18 years of age. Child labor occurs in almost every industry, for example, brick making, bangle making, agriculture, and various hazardous work.

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Freedom of Press: A Guaranteed Right?

The Constitution of India, under Article 19(1)(a), provides for the right of freedom of speech and expression to every citizen of India. Freedom of speech and expression connotes the citizens’ right to speak and to freely express their views without any unreasonable restrictions. In this article, we will study the freedom of the press which comes under the ambit of freedom of speech and expression.

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Right To Equality: “Permits Classification But Prohibits Class Legislation”

Every citizen of India has some right acquired inherently by birth, fundamental rights are those right which is provided to the citizens of India inherently by birth and some of the rights also available to alien as well, it is deemed essential to protect the freedom and liberties of the subject form the encroachment of power delegated by them to their Government. One of the Rights covered under Fundamental Rights is Right to Equality, it provides that the State shall not deny any person equality before the law and equal protection of the law within the territory of India. Protection Prohibits discrimination on the ground of race, caste, religion, sex or place of birth.

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