Lok Adalat and Permanent Lok Adalat

Lok Adalat and Permanent Lok Adalat

A successful justice conveyance system is an everlasting and essential determining factor of tranquillity, order, advancement and administration of every nation. It is the foremost obligation of the State to make sure uniform and fair justice for everyone by controlling and managing the dealings of citizens with each other, by examining the disarray and arbitrariness …

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The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system is an effective method adopted by many countries worldwide. WHAT IS ADR? ADR helps in the settlement of disputes without litigation, i e., outside the court. Some of the methods used as ADR include- ARBITRATION The dictionary meaning of ‘arbitration’ is a process used to solve an issue between …


ADR and Its Types

Alternative dispute redressal’s goal is enshrined in the Indian Constitution’s preamble itself, which enjoins the state: “to secure to all the citizens of India, justice-social, economic and political-liberty, equality, and fraternity.”[2] ADR was formally introduced in India by the legislature by amending section 89 of the CPC and Order X Rule 1-A to 1-C, following the Law Commission of India and the Malimath Committee’s recommendations.