Transfer of Property



A lease is an agreement under which certain rights are transferred from an owner of a property to the lessee. It is either for a fixed period of time or for forever. Under this, all rights are not transferred permanently only partial transfer takes place.[1] Under this, ownership remains with the owner or lessor however …

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Cancellation Of Sale Deed

The Supreme Court consisting of a two-judge bench held that non-payment of the entire sale consideration cannot be a valid ground for cancellation of the sale deed. This statement was recorded by the court in the matter of Vidyadhar v. Manikrao, the court held that the words “paid or promised price or part paid and the promised part” indicates that the actual payment of the full price at the time of the Deed is not a non-final sale sine qua non. The court also held that the non-payment of a certain portion of the price would not constitute the legitimacy of the sale. If the title deed has been transferred and the balance of the sale has not been paid then the title deed cannot be invalid for this reason.

The doctrine of Lis Pendens

The doctrine of Lis Pendens

“Doctrine of lis pendens” has been propounded under Section 52 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. According to this doctrine “the transfer of the immovable property related to suit under consideration or proceedings can only be done by the order of the court otherwise not. In other words, it can be said that if …

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