A Race to Bottom: Trade v Environment

Globalization has helped increase the extent of International Trade manifold, but has also simultaneously attracted significant criticism with respect to its harmful effects on the environment which has consequently led to climate change at an alarming rate. Hence, environmentalists are constantly criticising current trade trends while also stepping up demand for an increase in obligations, …

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International trade is the key to increasing the world economy. Importing and exporting goods and services from foreign countries is the prominent way to increase a country’s economy. This international trade is like any other normal trade that depends on various aspects but the ultimate goal is to make profit and increase the economy. The …


Carriage of Goods

With the changing economic scenario, factors like globalization of different market aspects, international economic integration and removal of barriers to business and trade and increased competition have enhanced the need of transportation. It is one of the most important infrastructure requirements, which is essential to the expansion of opportunities and plays an important role in …

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International Trade – Economic Theories

As per traditional concepts, trade was understood to refer to the exchange of goods. However, in the present era, it relates to lending, movements of goods, transactions linked with the flow of goods, promotion of buying and selling advance, borrowings, discount bills and mercantile documents, banking, and other forms of supply of funds. International Trade is the trade between two or more states, i.e., trade across borders. It may either be between the residents of two different states, or between two different states, or between a state and a resident.