Labour Law


Trade Unions

An organisation formed by trade workers that work for their common interest is Trade Union. Basically their aim is to work for their common interest and show it to the management. It was the year 1890, when for the first time the association of mill workers was formed in the name of Bombay Millhands Association. …

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Labor Law: Social Security

Meaning Social Security as a concept has become increasingly important in modern society especially as countries across the globe attempt to move closer to becoming states. The provision for social security is an important building block for any welfare state, it establishes a baseline which builds infrastructure for a safety net while economies undergo large …

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Beneficial or not: Labour Welfare Acts & Schemes

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” The main motive behind labour welfare schemes is to maintain a work-life balance. These schemes will motivate employees to yield fruitful results. In India, labour welfare schemes are developed due to the industrial revolution with the involvement of Philanthropists, religious leaders, social …

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An Overview on Lay off, Retrenchment and Closure

An Overview on Lay off, Retrenchment and Closure

Lay off, retrenchment and closure are terms defined in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 which was later amended numerous times. The layoff is a situation where the employees are unemployed due to certain circumstances. They are also compensated for the same. Under retrenchment, employees are removed from work due to excess labour. The closure is …

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A Brief Note on Trade Unions

A trade union is an organisation made up of members (a membership-based organisation) and its membership must be made up mainly of workers. Trade unionism is a collection of labourers who voluntarily form an association which have a common aim to protect their rights. Trade unionism fully demands two things: a democratic spirit and education. …

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Children in Indian culture have consistently been a theme, less spoken or talked about. Children in each general public have consistently been taken as the best blessing to humankind. Youth is a significant phase of human advancement as it holds the possibility of the future improvement of any general public. Children who are raised in …