Constitutional Law


The Principle of Complete Justice

We live in a world where each and every act is differentiated as the legal or illegal act. Each and every process has a definite time and way to be completed to get it done well. In the way now the judicial system is highly developed. Every layman approaches the courts to solve his problem and get justice through the verdict of courts.

Right To Equality: “Permits Classification But Prohibits Class Legislation”

Every citizen of India has some right acquired inherently by birth, fundamental rights are those right which is provided to the citizens of India inherently by birth and some of the rights also available to alien as well, it is deemed essential to protect the freedom and liberties of the subject form the encroachment of power delegated by them to their Government. One of the Rights covered under Fundamental Rights is Right to Equality, it provides that the State shall not deny any person equality before the law and equal protection of the law within the territory of India. Protection Prohibits discrimination on the ground of race, caste, religion, sex or place of birth.