Constitutional Law


Aruna Shanbaug v. Union of India : Case analysis

The Constitution of India ensures the ‘Right to Life’ to each one of its citizens. The perpetual, ever-evolving discourse about whether the ‘Right to Death’ can likewise be gained from this plan stays noticeable all around. Then again, by zeroing in addition to the educated agreement regarding patients to clinical practice, the idea of patient …

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Analysis of the Doctrine of Harmonious Construction

Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.     – Sallust Introduction to Interpretation Laws are drafted and enacted by the legal experts to keep the society in serenity to avoid conflicts to a great extent. But we often see that certain laws don’t have a specific meaning and contain ambiguous …

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The Preamble Of Constitution Of India

A preamble is an introductory statement which states the purpose, objective, rules, regulation of the document. It gives the fundamental values of the document. The preamble is the beginning of the Constitution which gives the base of the constitution. The makers of the Constitution gave the preamble “the place of pride”. Preamble expresses “what we …

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Interpretation of constitution

Fundamental rights are mentioned from article 12 to article 35 of Indian Constitution. It is not mentioned in the Constitution how to interpret them but the Supreme Court has given some decisions according to which interpretation can be done. Introduction In the constitution of India some parts are interpreted literally and some are interpreted strictly. …

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Doctrine of Severability

Article 13 of the Indian Constitution deals with 4 concepts relating to Fundamental Rights. Fundamental Rights have existed since the time our present constitution was formed, i.e. 26th January 1950. Fundamental rights became operative from and on this date only. Article 13(1) deals with Pre-Constitutional laws. There have been many different laws  or doctrine that …

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Writs are extraordinary remedies for enforcing fundamental rights. Supreme Court and High Courts may issue writs under Articles 32 and 226.

Right to Internet Access : A Fundamental right

Fundamental rights are basic rights needed for human beings to live. Fundamental rights help to eliminate poverty, inequality, and curb major problems faced in our society. Fundamental rights help in the empowerment of human beings. Fundamental rights are inserted in our Constitution and dealt under Part III of it. In the Constitution, there are six …

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