Competition Law


MRTP Act, 1969 and MRTP (Amendment) Act, 1991

India has been a country from the very beginning where competitive markets have always existed. Socialism was prevailing in the country during the reign of Indira Gandhi. Big organizations are beginning to be considered with doubt. Therefore, a number of committees were formed by the government to create a system that could regulate the accumulation …

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Analysis of Draft Competition Amendment Bill, 2020

India is the developing economy of the world. Therefore, in order to regulate the market, the Government decided to regulate the market in order to prevent unethical trade practices in the economy. The Competition Act, 2002 was enacted to ensure fair and ethical trade practices in the market. On 20th February 2020, the Government introduced Draft Competition Amendment Bill, 2020 in the public domain. The bill has been prepared by the Committee set up in the year 2018 known as Competition Law Review Committee (CLRC) which submitted its report in July 2019.

Predatory Pricing

Predatory pricing is when the prices of goods or services are fixed at a very low rate with a prime intent to wipe away competitors from competing in the market. Predatory pricing is one of the many tactics followed by well established firms/businesses and is a clear abuse of their dominant position. Predatory pricing is …

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Competition laws across the world work on two major tenets- enforcement and advocacy. While it is important for every competition legislation to have a strong and effective enforcement system, it is even more important to create a culture in the market and the economy that respects competition and that understands the role that competition plays …


All You Need To Know About: Competition Commission Of India

The Setting up of the Competition Commission of India regime in India has so far proved to be a much more difficult task in hand than what was initially envisaged. Starting from the last decade the Competition Law in India has seen a lot of twists and turns in its application. Initially, there were two basic laws regarding the implementation of Competition Law in India.