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    Legal Readings is a platform for all Law Students, Law Schools and Business Professionals with the motto “Education for All”. It is a podium of opportunities for advertisers as it has a rich demographic profile of members as well as visitors. We publish upcoming competitions, career opportunities, including internships, publications in reputed law journals, paper presentations at national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, among others. We have more than 1 million page views in a month.  Advertise your product, services or courses at India’s fastest growing law portal.

    A glimpse of the demographics of the user base is given below

    Our Stats

    1. Monthly Viewership: 1 Million

    2. Alexa Certified Website Ranking(India): #12,910 [Click here to view live ranking]

    3. Social Media Presence: 15,000+ (increasing 40per day)

    4.Push Notifications: 50,900 (increasing 50 per day)

    5. Newsletter subscribers: 2,000 (increasing 30 per day)

    How Do We Publicise
    • Publication of all the essential information about the event on our website which records more than 600,000+ hits a month.
    • Promotion of the event among more than 10,000+ followers of our website and Facebook page/groups. The followers of our website include not only law students from all the premier national law schools in India, but also teachers, academicians, and research schollars from diverse streams like, social sciences, commerce, management, etc.
    • Promotion of the events across India through our representatives (Campus Amicus) in various colleges, including all the top law schools and Government colleges.
    • Sending personal email notifications to the possible interest groups about the event and sharing the information with specific Google groups in different colleges.

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